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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review – A New Breed of Action-Adventure Game

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice FromSoftware/Activision Being a longtime fan of samurai films—the good ones, which were from the 1950s throughout the 70s—I was pretty excited when Activision first announced that they’d be publishing a new game set in feudal Japan. Well, actually a fictional version of sixteen century Japan which encapsulated the highly tumultuous Sengoku period during the fifteenth and Continue Reading...

X4: Foundations Review – A Gloriously Deep Space Opera

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X4: Foundations Egosoft Games set in the X universe are a rather daunting prospect to learn and play for the more casual gamers out there. They usually involve having to invest a considerable chuck of a person’s time and energy just to learn their basic systems, just as you would with other complex games like Elite: Dangerous. Egosolf’s latest iteration Continue Reading...