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Batman Arkham Knight Interim Patch Expected Soon…Maybe?

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Originally supposed to released in August, Batman Arkham Knight’s early announcement for an “Interim Patch update” for PC users has been pushed back. After the whole PC fiasco revolving around glitchy movements and , Warner Bros. Entertainment decided to pull the game from Steam shelves until Rocksteady finds a solution to the problem. Steam now reveals some details as to Continue Reading...

Batman: Arkham Knight Finally Staggers onto Stage – But Does it Sing?

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Batman: Arkham Knight Rocksteady Studios/Warner Bros. During my initial playthrough of Batman: Arkham Knight, I quickly realized that Batman faced a new enemy who was even more dastardly than the recently departed Joker. This new foe, aptly named the Arkham Knight, looked cool enough, with a sort of neo-gothic, Templar-styled costume absent of any nonsense disposition. He also was revealed Continue Reading...