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Surviving the Aftermath (Early Access) Review – A Brilliant Hybrid of Genres

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Surviving the Aftermath Iceflake Studios / Paradox Interactive Over recent years, there has been a marked rise in the number of both colony management and city builder simulators, all across the gaming market. Some of them were very well done, such as the colony survival sim, RimWorld (which has garnered a massive underground audience since its full release back in Continue Reading...

Surviving Mars Review – A Great Colony-Building Title for Space Geeks

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Surviving Mars Haemimont Games/Paradox Interactive First off, I’ve never been a huge city-builder/colony management type of gamer. I’ve always been more of a turn-based or real-time strategy guy. I like having control over a kingdom/space empire (fantasy or science fiction genres respectively) and the ability to determine my faction’s destiny against others. However, when I first saw the new space Continue Reading...