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Bayonetta Review – One Riotous Romp

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Bayonetta PlatinumGames I’ll have to admit that Bayonetta popped up on my gaming radar quite by coincidence. I haphazardly saw an advertisement for it on Steam while browsing for some games to review the other day, and noticed how intriguing the design of the titular character, Bayonetta, was. As a fan of all things anime (well, except for that exceptionally Continue Reading...

Escape From Tarkov (Alpha) Review – The Future of Action/RPG MMO’s?

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Escape From Tarkov Battlestate Games I’ve played just about every first person shooter there is out there. From 1992’s Wolfenstein 3D, to 1998’s classic game Half-Life (and its 1999 mod Counter-Strike), on up to modern shooters such as Squad and Arma 3 (which sadly isn’t really a mil-sim anymore). One thing that I’ve noticed is although various first person shooters Continue Reading...

Syndrome Review – A Pretty Decent Fright-Fest

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Syndrome Camel 101 Horror, like comedy, is very hard to get right. I mean, of all of the horror films you see out there right now, how many are actually scary? Not many, right? That’s mainly due to bad writing, silly concepts, and shabby acting. There’s also a serious lack of imagination going on as far as plotlines/narratives go as Continue Reading...