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LoLTalk: Thoughts on 4.3 and 4.2

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Post written by sponsored streamer/YouTuber TiensiNoAkuma. Check out his channel and stream here and here! There have been some major changes to champions during the recent patch of 4.3 and 4.2. The most notable changes of 4.2 include 1. pick order changes, 2. mastery nerfs to perserverance, 3. kayle nerfs, 4. skarner changes, and a 5. Xerath rework. 1. The pick order changes Continue Reading...

CyberPower Reviews Prison Architect

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What is Prison Architect? At its base, a prison management simulator, where you (the player) are in charge of designing and then running a prison, complete with all kinds of shenanigans that comes with management. As of writing, the game is still in Alpha build 17, so there are probably features that will be added later on. Prison Architect’s greatest Continue Reading...