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The Forest Review – Savagely Brutal, Survival Horror Fun

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The Forest Endnight Games I remember playing The Forest a year or so ago with a gaming friend. Back then, it was still pretty rough around the edges but still managed to offer up a survival horror experience unlike anything else we’d ever tried. I’ll never forget the game’s set-up—you’re flying through the skies onboard a commercial airliner when it Continue Reading...

Kholat Review – An Excellent Horror Title for Those with a Little Patience

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  Kholat IMGN.PRO We’re living in some exciting times in the video game world these days. Computing technology, high speed fiber optics, and heightened levels of processing power have made it possible for gaming developers to make some beautifully crafted, and many times fast paced and frenetic, digital experiences. But a few game developers, particularly from the indie set, have Continue Reading...

The Crow’s Eye – A Pleasantly Moody Puzzler

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The Crow’s Eye 3D2 Entertainment/Nkidu Games Inc.   I’m a huge horror genre fan. Unlike mediums such as film, TV, and literature, horror video games are unique in that they put you right into the shoes of the main protagonist, drop you in some creepy, isolated setting, and it’s up to you and you alone to make it out alive Continue Reading...