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Overpass Review

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Overpass Nordix Racing / Nacon Games that feature the player navigating through extremely adverse conditions with unusual vehicles have never been my go-to genre for fun. Then, a few years ago a little off-road game came along and changed how I viewed them. The game in question was 2017’s MudRunner, developed by Russian outfit, Saber interactive. I never knew I’d Continue Reading...

Dirt Rally Review – Codemasters gets Down & Dirty

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  Dirt Rally Codemasters Here’s an actual excerpt from a conversation I had recently with a gaming friend of mine: “Hey man, you know that Codemasters have a new racing game on Steam Early Access?” he asked me. I grumbled. “Oh, yeah, what is it? Hopefully not another F1.” “No. It’s another Dirt game.” More grumbling. “This one’s good though, Continue Reading...

The Crew: Wild Run—Raucous Racing Mayhem

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The Crew: Wild Run Ubisoft “Hey, have you tried the new expansion for The Crew yet?” a gaming buddy recently asked me. “Nope,” I replied, nonchalantly. “Yeah, it’s called Wild Run and it’s way better than last year’s original game. Way better handling, variety, a giant open-world to race around in, and…” he paused for dramatic effect. “And what?” I Continue Reading...