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Overcoming Nerves in Competitions

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By Conan “Suppy” LiuĀ of Evil Geniuses I believe that there are many ways that a player can improve their performance in competitions or tournaments. There certainly is a specific skill that must be developed in order to compete at your highest capacity in a pressure-filled situation. Just look at all the people who do so amazingly in practice, ladder, or Continue Reading...

The Adept as it Stands in LotV

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By Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson of Evil Geniuses The Adept is a unique little butterfly of a unit. When it first emerged in LotV, (closed beta), I was excited at the idea behind it. A light, harass unit with some cool mechanics like its ability to shade jump seemed really fun and functional. I was quickly saddened by the fact that Continue Reading...